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By clicking accept ("the User" or "customer") acknowledges and agrees that personal information contained in this Agreement or provided subsequently for the purpose of securing credit and warrants that it is true, correct and complete, and personal information obtained from a credit/consumer reporting agency and/or financial institution, as described below, may be used by, collected and/or disclosed to SNAP Home Finance Corp (“Lender”, “SFC”, “we”, “us”, or “SNAP”) (including subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and contractors of SFC) for the following purposes: (i) evaluating the credit application and the undersigned's eligibility for credit, (ii) entering into aconditional sales agreement or Agreement, (iii) contact management and administration, (iv) product warranty or marketing of other related products or services, and agrees that personal information may be transferred to a third party to be used for the same purposes as described herein if the conditional sales agreement or Agreement entered into by the undersigned is transferred or assigned to such third party. You may request the name and address of the credit/consumer reporting agency supplying the credit/consumer report. *

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